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Car accidents skyrocket after daylight savings time

Springing forward may lead to more than longer days and warmer temperatures. There is a high likelihood that drivers may experience more accidents on the roads after daylight savings time. According to…

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An early spring means more hazards for drivers

Most people love spring. It’s the first season of the year where the sun starts to come out and the temperatures begin to climb. You may even spot a flower or two…

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What to look for before hiring a contractor

Contractors are an excellent resource for major projects around the home. They can use their skillset to address issues such as home renovation, heating, plumbing and air-conditioning. However, not all contractors are…

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Can you hold someone other than your workplace accountable?

Far too often, employees suffer injuries or death while performing their job duties. If a commercial truck factors into a loved one’s injury or fatality, you may wonder whether you have the…

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Work zone accident claimed three young men’s lives

According to recent news reports, a box truck collided with a construction vehicle. Reportedly, there was no decrease in the truck’s speed while passing through the construction zone just outside of Statesville.…

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How to share the road with logging trucks

One of the most beautiful aspects of North Carolina is lush, green forests. Not only do these forests provide beautiful sightseeing and homes for wildlife, but they also provide jobs for many…

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4 dangers of nighttime driving and how to manage them

If driving after dark is something you avoid, then you’re not alone. Many North Carolinians avoid getting behind the wheel once the sun has set. There are many reasons for this aversion.…

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Why are truck accidents so common and increasing?

Large truck accidents in North Carolina result in everything from road closures to the loss of life. They are almost always a serious issue. The sheer size of these vehicles increases the…

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Wet roads and truck accidents

Large truck collisions result in devastating consequences, whether an innocent driver or passenger loses their life after they are struck by a semi-truck or someone sustains a debilitating injury in a crash.…

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Avoid accidents at the train tracks with these tips

While train/car accidents do not often happen, a recent deadly accident in Charlotte, North Carolina, has track safety back in the news. Whether you live near train tracks or just occasionally cross…

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What are your options after a hit and run bicycle accident?

You are riding down the road in North Carolina and a car decides to pass you. The driver misjudges the distance and clips you with the mirror and you go over your…

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How can drowsy driving impact you?

Drivers in North Carolina have to face plenty of dangers on the road every day. Dangerous behaviors can include driving under the influence, reckless driving and drowsy driving. Over the years, drowsy…

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Are self-driving cars the newest risk to pedestrians?

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable on roadways in North Carolina. They have no protection against a vehicle that may hit them. They will always lose in an accident. This is why there…

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Do not ignore these symptoms after a crash

After getting into a car accident, there are many things North Carolina drivers need to do. Sharing information with the other drivers, filling out a police report, figuring out what to do…

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What to do after an accident with an uninsured driver

Though we all do our best to drive safely, accidents can occur even when you were driving carefully. When this happens, most advice instructs you to exchange insurance information with the other…

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How can you stop your teen from distracted driving?

Teens all over North Carolina count down the days until they are old enough to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and take the exam to obtain a learner’s permit. They…

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Driving tips to avoid truck accidents

Because of the size and weight of semi trucks and tractor trailers, drivers of smaller vehicles can become seriously injured in a collision with this type of truck. Taking action to drive…

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Attentive driving is safe driving

In 2016, in North Carolina, there were 267,494 motor vehicle accidents. With so many drivers on the road, it is important for people to take into account how to drive safely. Attentive…

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Speeding and bicycle accidents

Riding a bike can be dangerous for countless reasons. Aside from threats that do not involve drivers, such as a bicyclist pushing themselves even though they have certain health concerns, there are…

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The deadly consequences of distracted driving

Getting in the car and running errands, going to work and heading out for the weekend is automatic for many North Carolina. Many drivers multi-task while driving, instead of focusing on the…

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