Wet roads and truck accidents

Large truck collisions result in devastating consequences, whether an innocent driver or passenger loses their life after they are struck by a semi-truck or someone sustains a debilitating injury in a crash. At DeVore, Acton & Stafford, P.A., we know that when these accidents happen in North Carolina they often result in many other problems as well: financial hardships, mental trauma and job loss. It is important for victims to take action following a wreck and it is also pivotal for drivers (especially those operating large trucks) to recognize risk factors such as heavy rain and slick roads.

Wet roads increase the chances of a truck collision in different ways. When it is raining heavily, visibility is often poorer and truck drivers have difficulty seeing other vehicles and hazards on the roadway. Aside from decreased visibility, the chances of an accident go up when roads are slick. For example, a truck driver may be unable to stop their large vehicle in time, colliding with another vehicle in front of them. Sadly, many truck drivers go too fast during inclement weather, when they should drive much slower as a result of the road conditions.

Our law office realizes the myriad of hardships that truck accident victims endure and we believe that the victims of these devastating crashes deserve a voice. Some are hesitant to pursue legal action for different reasons, but filing a lawsuit is often very helpful for those struggling to recover in life. If you are interested in reading more about large truck crashes, visit our page on traffic crashes.

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