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Wills during the covid19 crisis

During this unprecedented time we have received some inquiries on how folks could obtain a Will.  We thought it might be helpful to provide you with some basic information. This is not…

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Can I get airplane tickets refunded because of covid 19?

The answer to this question may change as the situation with the virus changes. But here is a general rule. If you have booked a flight using award points, you should be…

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Four tips for driving alongside bicyclists

As the warmer seasons rapidly approach, more bicyclists will hit the streets and enjoy the beautiful North Carolina weather. However, more bicyclists may mean more problems for passenger vehicles who frequently travel…

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What to know about proof in medical negligence

Hospitals rely on their reputations to gain patients’ trust and build relationships within their surrounding communities. However, medical malpractice suits quickly dissolve the trust and those critical relationships. It makes sense that…

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Car accidents skyrocket after daylight savings time

Springing forward may lead to more than longer days and warmer temperatures. There is a high likelihood that drivers may experience more accidents on the roads after daylight savings time. According to…

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An early spring means more hazards for drivers

Most people love spring. It’s the first season of the year where the sun starts to come out and the temperatures begin to climb. You may even spot a flower or two…

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What to look for before hiring a contractor

Contractors are an excellent resource for major projects around the home. They can use their skillset to address issues such as home renovation, heating, plumbing and air-conditioning. However, not all contractors are…

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Can you hold someone other than your workplace accountable?

Far too often, employees suffer injuries or death while performing their job duties. If a commercial truck factors into a loved one’s injury or fatality, you may wonder whether you have the…

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