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Part II: What’s a mechanic’s lien?

As regular readers of our Charlotte civil litigation blog know, we recently tackled the subject of mechanic’s liens. The post described the types of construction professionals who can obtain a mechanic’s lien…

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Part I: What’s a mechanic’s lien?

Although the term mechanic’s lien sounds as if it refers to a slender person who repairs cars, it has nothing to do with carburetors and everything to do with a legal claim…

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I’ve been in a car accident. Do I need a lawyer?

Imagine for a moment that you are driving along East Kingston Avenue in Charlotte’s Dilworth neighborhood, enjoying the sights and sounds of a peaceful afternoon. Your reverie is shattered when your vehicle…

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Step 1: Filing a North Carolina personal injury lawsuit

No one begins their day hoping to be seriously injured. No one wants to be hurt in a car crash, in a fall at a hardware store, in an act of violence…

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Can you recover attorneys’ fees in a North Carolina lawsuit?

In Charlotte, friendly disputes over basketball, barbeque, politics – and every other possible topic – come and go easily, resolved with smiles. But serious disputes arise here, too, as they do everywhere.…

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