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Go slow: Charlotte-area road construction ahead

While it might sometimes seem as if the world is disorganized and chaotic, there is an orderly type of comfort to be found in the design details and precise plans of road…

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A look at the controversial process of eminent domain

One of the things that Americans of every political stripe can agree on is that government can be frustrating and annoying. Frustration and annoyance can quickly turn to anger when government begins…

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Condemnation (Eminent Domain) Part III

In the first two articles, which you can read here and here, we explained the concept of condemnation and methods of determining the value of your property. We now need to look…

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Condemnation (Eminent Domain) Part II

Last time, we began to discuss the condemnation process. As we explained previously, if you and the condemnor (the entity taking your property) cannot agree on the reasonable value of the property,…

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Condemnation (Eminent Domain): What You Need To Know

Condemnation (sometimes called eminent domain) is the right of the government (or sometimes a private utility company) to take a person’s property for the better good of the public. The property owner…

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Preliminary Information on Condemnation Cases

If you or someone you know has recently received a notice or a declaration of taking by the government regarding a portion of your property, there are significant questions you need answered…

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