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Charlotte, NC Attorney Client Reviews

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“My experience with Fred DeVore and others at the firm has been positive in every way. Fred listened to staff members and me, understood the issues, and acted in my organizations best interests through out all the legal proceedings. Although the outcome of the proceedings handled by Fred were not as favorable as I may have wished, the legal services were exactly what I expected; professional, thorough, and attentive. I plan to continue to rely upon Fred and to recommend his firm to others.”

“Great legal expertise in the areas of medical malpractice, injury cases, workers comp., etc., very established firm, superb legal know-how.”

“DeVore, Acton & Stafford, Pa firm is the best firm you can hire. I have been working with them for about 2 yrs and they have won a case for me against an insurance co. You will find the most honest, supportive, straight forward attorneys in their firm. They are very professional / knowledgeable and they will fight for you and work with you to bring you the best resolution possible.”

“The DeVore Acton & Stafford firm has helped me as well on several different matters. I have found a supportive, straight forward advocate in troubling times. Fred DeVore communicated clearly, candidly and directly and without the fog of legalese. Both his legal experience and his understanding the imperfections of human nature give credence to his valuable advice and good judgment. Their team is responsive; accessible in returning calls or email and without delay in producing documents. The firm has many resources and connections but remains independent of entangling alliances. I felt the firm billed fairly for work that was actually done for me and that Fred DeVore tried to resolve legal problems and guide me to solutions that were most effective and ultimately for the lowest possible cost. An honorable man; legal counselor and very good experience.”

“The DeVore Acton & Stafford firm has helped me several times over the years. I was most impressed when Fred DeVore helped me with a real estate deposition involving several legal firms. Mr. DeVore was clearly heads above every attorney in the room. I was so glad that he was representing me that day! I will definitely use this firm for any future legal matters.”

“The DeVore Acton & Stafford firm is excellent! I have used them on several occasions from consults to depositions. They are extremely knowledgeable, tremendously professional, and very responsive. I highly recommend their firm without hesitation.”