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What type of automobile insurance should I have in NC?

Most of us just pay our automobile insurance premium without completely understanding what coverage we have and what coverage we should have. In this and the upcoming series of blogs we want…

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Collision and Comprehensive Automobile Insurance Coverage in NC

When your car is damaged in an accident, it is possible that the person who caused the accident may not have enough coverage to repair or replace your vehicle. If you have…

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Uninsured and Underinsurance Automobile Coverage

Uninsured Coverage First, you need to understand the difference in these two types of coverages. Uninsured coverage (abbreviated as UM on your declarations page) is for situations where the person who caused…

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Condemnation (Eminent Domain): What You Need To Know

Condemnation (sometimes called eminent domain) is the right of the government (or sometimes a private utility company) to take a person’s property for the better good of the public. The property owner…

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Medical Payments (Medpay) Coverage in your Automobile Insurance Policy

Medical Payments Coverage (Medpay) is included in most automobile insurance policies but few people even know it is there or what it is. Medpay is an optional coverage, but because it is…

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