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Average Personal Injury Settlement in North Carolina [2024 Updated]

You never anticipate you or a loved one becoming injured in an accident. Then, your medical expenses begin piling up, your bills are past due because of loss of wages, and the…

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Step 1: Filing a North Carolina personal injury lawsuit

No one begins their day hoping to be seriously injured. No one wants to be hurt in a car crash, in a fall at a hardware store, in an act of violence…

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Time’s up: North Carolina’s statute of limitations

Physicists and philosophers are agreed that there is no beginning or end to time. But the state of North Carolina imposes limits on the amount of time that is available in which…

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What are your options after a hit and run bicycle accident?

You are riding down the road in North Carolina and a car decides to pass you. The driver misjudges the distance and clips you with the mirror and you go over your…

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Driving tips to avoid truck accidents

Because of the size and weight of semi trucks and tractor trailers, drivers of smaller vehicles can become seriously injured in a collision with this type of truck. Taking action to drive…

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Anesthesia Care Causing Injury or Death

Local healthcare institutions have attempted to reduce cost by changing the model used for Anesthesia services. CRNA’a are providing most of the care and Anesthesiologist s are not being appropriately utilized, especially…

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Tort Reform & the Misunderstanding of the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case

Tort Reform and the Misunderstanding of the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case Not long ago, College Humor created a comedic, but entirely accurate, video short about the infamous McDonald’s Hot Coffee lawsuit. To…

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On-the-Job Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation

There are many kinds of on-the-job injury that can take you out of work for weeks, or even months. This means you may need to apply for workers’ compensation to provide for…

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List identifies the ’10 Worst Toys’ for the 2016 holidays

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday may already be in the rearview mirror, there’s still a little over three weeks until Christmas, plenty of time for those looking to make some…

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Pedestrian accidents: Death rate for teens up 13 percent

Keeping kids safe is a 24/7 job. Even the simple act of walking has become more dangerous in recent years. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, a global organization dedicated to helping kids…

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CPSC falls short of issuing crib bumper ban

When a couple receives the news that there is going to be a new addition to their family, they are understandably filled with tremendous joy and great excitement over what the future…

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Examining a very real Halloween danger for children

It may seem hard to believe, but Halloween is now less than a week away. This means that come Monday night, streets and sidewalks across North Carolina will be filled with costumed…

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Government cracks down on nursing home arbitration provisions

Nursing homes are facilities that are supposed to provide our loved ones with needed care. Finding the right nursing home is not an easy task. Meeting the criteria needed for your loved…

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Are brain injuries common in vehicle accidents?

Individuals who are involved in a vehicle collision are likely worried about the impact of their injuries. The accident can have a ripple effect through all facets of life. From the ability…

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New tech aims to reduce distracted driving accidents

Keeping the ones you love safe can be a fulltime job. The concerns of parenting seem to grow along with the children. Will the child make friends at school? Will he or…

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