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How to share the road with logging trucks

One of the most beautiful aspects of North Carolina is lush, green forests. Not only do these forests provide beautiful sightseeing and homes for wildlife, but they also provide jobs for many…

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4 dangers of nighttime driving and how to manage them

If driving after dark is something you avoid, then you’re not alone. Many North Carolinians avoid getting behind the wheel once the sun has set. There are many reasons for this aversion.…

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Why are truck accidents so common and increasing?

Large truck accidents in North Carolina result in everything from road closures to the loss of life. They are almost always a serious issue. The sheer size of these vehicles increases the…

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Wet roads and truck accidents

Large truck collisions result in devastating consequences, whether an innocent driver or passenger loses their life after they are struck by a semi-truck or someone sustains a debilitating injury in a crash.…

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Avoid accidents at the train tracks with these tips

While train/car accidents do not often happen, a recent deadly accident in Charlotte, North Carolina, has track safety back in the news. Whether you live near train tracks or just occasionally cross…

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What are your options after a hit and run bicycle accident?

You are riding down the road in North Carolina and a car decides to pass you. The driver misjudges the distance and clips you with the mirror and you go over your…

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