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Attentive driving is safe driving

In 2016, in North Carolina, there were 267,494 motor vehicle accidents. With so many drivers on the road, it is important for people to take into account how to drive safely. Attentive…

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Speeding and bicycle accidents

Riding a bike can be dangerous for countless reasons. Aside from threats that do not involve drivers, such as a bicyclist pushing themselves even though they have certain health concerns, there are…

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The deadly consequences of distracted driving

Getting in the car and running errands, going to work and heading out for the weekend is automatic for many North Carolina. Many drivers multi-task while driving, instead of focusing on the…

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3 things to do after a house fire

Going through a house fire is a tragedy. Regardless of the extent of the fire, you may end up losing valuable items and access to your home in North Carolina. You will…

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Living with traumatic brain injury

Traumatic b r ain injuries can occur in North Carolina for a variety of reasons. They may be due to an automobile wreck, an accident at work or as a result of…

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