How Does Med-Pay Work?

Auto insurance policies require specific coverage categories like underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage. Med-pay is a category of optional coverage in a policy that can provide a limited amount of compensation for medical expenses after a car accident. Med-pay is the ‘medical payments coverage’ that typically covers a smaller monetary amount in the short-term aftermath of a collision.

Providing financial help before resolving a claim

Med-pay can supply much-needed payments for medical expenses while a claim is processed and handled. Medical providers often require immediate payment for a portion of a procedure or visit, depending on the circumstance. A car accident case could take months to yield a resolution . Medical providers may have to send bills to collection agencies that can create unwanted stressors for an injured driver or passenger and affect credit scores. Med-pay is meant to provide immediate relief for paying those costs (within limits). Here are some of the facts that drivers need to know about med-pay coverage:

  • A driver can be eligible for coverage regardless of who is at fault in a collision.
  • Coverage can include passengers that are family members who were in the vehicle when the accident occurred.
  • Inexperienced drivers may incur higher costs for med-pay coverage if they have less than three years driving experience.
  • There are some scenarios where a policyholder may have to pay back med-pay payments.
  • A policyholder may be able to request additional coverage.

Preventing financial stress after an accident

Med-pay can provide the kind of financial support for medical expenses that gives drivers and passengers more leeway for handling the potential waits on a claim. Don’t wait until you’ve already had an accident. Do your research and determine what med-pay options you may have.

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