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Step 2: Filing a North Carolina personal injury lawsuit

If you stop by our Charlotte Civil Litigation Law blog from time to time, you might recall a September post on the steps you must take to file a North Carolina personal…

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Go slow: Charlotte-area road construction ahead

While it might sometimes seem as if the world is disorganized and chaotic, there is an orderly type of comfort to be found in the design details and precise plans of road…

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Part 2: Does your brand-new Charlotte home come with warranties?

Regular readers of our Charlotte Civil Litigation Blog will recall a recent post in this space about warranties that can protect people who purchase a brand-new, recently constructed home. North Carolina law…

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Does your brand-new Charlotte home come with warranties?

Consumers have a different set of expectations when purchasing a new car than they do when they buy a used vehicle. When you buy a used car, you understand that it will…

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