An early spring means more hazards for drivers

Most people love spring. It’s the first season of the year where the sun starts to come out and the temperatures begin to climb. You may even spot a flower or two before April hits.

However, spring brings more than just flowers. It also brings a few hazards for frequent drivers.

Four springtime hazards for drivers

If you plan on hitting the roads this spring, make sure you are looking out for these four dangers:

  • Rainy weather – Most people expect a few spring showers throughout March and April. However, rain has a significant impact on roadways and makes it easier for cars to slip and slide on their commute.
  • Wildlife activity – North Carolina is the home to many animals, but there is always an increase in activity during the spring and summer. Drivers must watch out for critters who try to cross the streets or navigate the highways.
  • Increased traffic – Spring temperatures are perfect for outdoor activities and long road trips for most drivers. However, more beautiful weather means more drivers, pedestrians and bikers on the road. It’s important to stay vigilant and drive defensively.
  • Sun glare – Between the rainy days, North Carolina residents should expect a lot of sunshine this spring. Sun is excellent after a gloomy winter, but it also causes significant strain on drivers’ eyes.

These are just some of the dangers that drivers spot in this spring, but there are ways to protect yourself and other residents.

How to avoid them

There are a few simple ways that drivers can ensure their safety during their commutes this season. First, make sure to maintain your vehicle regularly. It includes checking your headlights, your wiper blades and your tire pressure. A maintained car handles road hazards much better than anything else.

Also, don’t be afraid to slow down, especially in the rain. You do not want to speed to your destination and end up hydroplaning. Just take your time and make sure you are focused on the roads ahead.

Finally, invest in a nice pair of polarized sunglasses. They will prevent sun glare and make it easy for you to see on the streets long into the summer.

Make sure you are enjoying spring by being safe and cautious on the roads.

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