Why are truck accidents so common and increasing?

Large truck accidents in North Carolina result in everything from road closures to the loss of life. They are almost always a serious issue. The sheer size of these vehicles increases the potential for severe injuries. A crash could also close down and even damage a roadway. In any case, these accidents happen far too often. You may wonder why they are so common.

WorkTruck explains that there are a few very good reasons why truck accidents often happen and are increasing in number, and many are the result of changes within the industry.

Truckers must follow industry regulations

One of the biggest issues in the trucking industry is an increase in the demand for goods that require shipping via trucks. This increases the number of large vehicles on the road and in turn, increases the chances of an accident.

The increase in demand means there are more routes to run because there are more deliveries. This requires more workers, but the industry is experiencing a shortage of workers. This means those who already drive trucks have to take on more work. Overworked truck drivers are often drowsy drivers. While the trucking industry has strict working hour guidelines, their rest breaks are often minimal. When a driver is tired, they are more susceptible to accidents like any driver. The only difference is their vehicle is significantly larger than your typical motor vehicle.

Hiring more drivers could eventually help the problem but inexperienced truck drivers could also pose a danger. Newer drivers may be less skilled and have greater difficulty handling a hazardous situation.

Reversing the trend

A possible solution could be adding more safety technology to these trucks. Safety technologies like lane departure warning, pre-collision warning, and blind-spot detection could help truck drivers avoid or reduce the severity of accidents. This safety equipment can alert drivers to a dangerous situation and help the driver take corrective actions.

Of course, these technologies are no replacement for a well-rested and trained driver but could serve as a useful supplement in case of fatigue or the unexpected.

While it’s important for all drivers to share the road with truckers, it’s important for trucking companies to ensure that their drivers have proper training and have time to take adequate rest breaks. Truck accidents are disproportionately more perilous for drivers of the smaller vehicle and the trend of increased truck-related accidents is concerning. Things like greater safety technologies in trucks are one way to reduce the frequency of truck-related accidents.

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