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Don’t make these common mistakes after a car accident

No one gets into their car in the morning and expects to get in an accident. If they did, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t be driving. However, most people experience at…

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What is subrogation and how does it apply to me?

If you experienced an injury due to an accident, you have probably encountered a bevy of legal and insurance terms that you have had to learn about. One of these is subrogation.…

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What to do when you’re involved in a hit and run

You never expect to leave your home and end up in a car accident. Even worse, you probably don’t anticipate being involved in a hit and run. Yet, sometimes people make the…

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Prep the car for the summer road trip

Spring was a roller-coaster of emotion for most families. Many people ended up canceling spring break vacations and family trips. However, most people are planning to make up for the lost time.…

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Speeding is on the rise

With highways and rural streets emptier than usual, many drivers are taking advantage by driving fast – sometimes, a little too fast. With less traffic and less police presence, speeding seems to…

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Truck accidents: causes and aftermaths

There have been countless accidents caused by negligent drivers, but the ones that seem to have a far more drastic impact are the ones involving trucks. The severe impact of getting someone’s…

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Four tips for driving alongside bicyclists

As the warmer seasons rapidly approach, more bicyclists will hit the streets and enjoy the beautiful North Carolina weather. However, more bicyclists may mean more problems for passenger vehicles who frequently travel…

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Car accidents skyrocket after daylight savings time

Springing forward may lead to more than longer days and warmer temperatures. There is a high likelihood that drivers may experience more accidents on the roads after daylight savings time. According to…

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An early spring means more hazards for drivers

Most people love spring. It’s the first season of the year where the sun starts to come out and the temperatures begin to climb. You may even spot a flower or two…

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Are self-driving cars the newest risk to pedestrians?

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable on roadways in North Carolina. They have no protection against a vehicle that may hit them. They will always lose in an accident. This is why there…

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