What is Mediation?

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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a tool used to settle legal disputes without going to trial. The mediator is an impartial third party who works to resolve the issues with the Parties. While all matters filed in North Carolina Superior Court are required to be mediated if not otherwise resolved, mediation is a tool often used by parties voluntarily, and sometimes pre-litigation.

Why Mediate?


With mediation you are in control, instead of a judge, jury, or arbitrator. The mediator listens to your concerns and makes sure the other Party hears and understands your point of view.


Candidly, litigation is expensive and can take months or years to complete in a courtroom. Resolving disputes amicably in hours or days through mediation is much more cost effective. Resolutions can also avoid the mental and emotional stress that often accompanies lengthy litigation.


Your mediator should help ensure everyone’s point of view is heard and work tirelessly to find a resolution that is agreeable to all parties. Early resolutions can sometimes restore the fractured relationships that led to the dispute.


When disputes are decided through the courts, judges, juries, or arbitrators have strict parameters to follow in accordance with the law. Parties can arrive at more creative resolutions through Mediation.

Why our Firm?

DeVore, Acton & Stafford, PA has focused its practice on civil litigation for over 30 years, while representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants in a wide array of matters, ranging from trust disputes, to complex construction defects, to business disagreements, to wrongful death and constitutional civil rights matters, among others.

Having a working knowledge of numerous fields of law and an understanding of the litigation process from both sides of the aisle are critical skills for a neutral mediator when communicating with competing interests. Mediators do not take sides. They should be empathetic to all parties in a dispute. Contact the firm about mediation services.


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