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ROUND UP Is Linked to Cancer

Posted in Uncategorized on Mon May 20, 2019

My law firm is looking at Round Up cases in the Charlotte community.  Use and exposure to Round Up has been linked to certain forms of cancer.  Four years ago, a United Nations-sponsored scientific agency declared that Roundup probably causes cancer. As NPR’s Dan Charles reported, the finding from the International Agency for Research on Cancer caused Monsanto to launch a fierce campaign to discredit the IARC’s conclusions.

“Internal company 

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Anesthesia Care Causing Injury or Death

Posted in Medical Malpractice, Personal injury on

Local healthcare institutions have attempted to reduce cost by changing the model used for Anesthesia services.    CRNA’a are providing most of the care and Anesthesiologist s are not being appropriately utilized, especially in OUT Patient procedures or surgery.

As a result of substandard care patients can sometime suffer injuries including permanent brain injury or even death.  The act of anesthetizing a patient is important and should not be subject to cost savings on the part of the hospital or surgery center. 

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Tort Reform & the Misunderstanding of the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case

Posted in Injuries, North Carolina, Personal injury on Thu March 22, 2018

Tort Reform and the Misunderstanding of the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case

Not long ago, College Humor created a comedic, but entirely accurate, video short about the infamous McDonald’s Hot Coffee lawsuit. To this day, many people’s understanding of the McDonald’s case goes something like “old lady spills coffee on herself, then she and her lawyer sue McDonald’s for millions.” This narrative was adopted and pushed by many large corporations – particularly insurance companies and tort reform advocates –

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What is a “Wrongful Death” Action?

Posted in Accidents, Insurance, Wrongful Death on Fri June 9, 2017

When someone tragically dies in an automobile accident or as the result of the negligence of someone else, it may give rise to what is known as a “wrongful death action.”  There is substantial confusion about what this means. We are often asked to explain the process.

What constitutes wrongful death?

The first step is to determine if there is liability.  In some states, such as North Carolina, if the person who was injured or died contributed to the accident in some way,

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Budget Provision Eliminates Legal Aid Funding

Posted in North Carolina on Fri June 2, 2017

The North Carolina House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee has proposed a provision for the 2017 Budget entitled “Eliminate Access to Civil Justice Funds.” If enacted as written, this provision would eliminate approximately $1.7 million in combined funding for Legal Aid of North Carolina, Legal Services of Southern Piedmont, and Pisgah Legal Services. Eliminating Access to Civil Justice Funds would cause drastic reductions in legal aid agencies’ services to those most in need, undermining equal access to justice for North Carolina citizens.

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Danger in the Trees

Posted in Dangerous Trees, Insurance, Real Estate on Fri April 21, 2017

One of the most beautiful sights in our southern cities are the awe inspiring large trees that line many of our streets.  Yet, these majestic beauties mask a hidden danger.  As leaves begin to appear on large oaks and other deciduous trees, strong winds have more of an increased impact on the stability of the tree than in the winter when there are no leaves.  This is called the “sail effect” because the leaves catch more of the wind and create more stress on the trunk and root system. 

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Condemnation (Eminent Domain) Part III

Posted in Condemnation Cases, Eminent Domain, Real Estate on Fri April 14, 2017

In the first two articles, which you can read here and here, we explained the concept of condemnation and methods of determining the value of your property. We now need to look at the cost of a condemnation proceeding.

Out of Pocket Eminent Domain Costs

As a general rule, the cost of obtaining an appraisal is not recoverable. So you have to weigh the cost of employing an appraiser versus the amount you might be seeking.

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Condemnation (Eminent Domain) Part II

Posted in Condemnation Cases, Real Estate on Fri April 7, 2017

Last time, we began to discuss the condemnation process. As we explained previously, if you and the condemnor (the entity taking your property) cannot agree on the reasonable value of the property, the condemnor will proceed with the filing of a condemnation action and will instantly become the owner of the property they are seeking. But, the condemnor has to deposit with the court the amount of their last offer, or the amount the condemnor reasonably believes is just compensation for the taking.

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Condemnation (Eminent Domain): What You Need To Know

Posted in Condemnation Cases, Real Estate on Fri March 31, 2017

Condemnation (sometimes called eminent domain) is the right of the government (or sometimes a private utility company) to take a person’s property for the better good of the public. The property owner rarely welcomes the taking of one’s property. Examples of condemnation actions would be the need for the Department of Transportation to build roads, or a county to build a school, storm water or sewer system. In Charlotte, North Carolina, many properties are being taken for the light rail projects.

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Other Types of Automobile Insurance Coverage in NC

Posted in Accidents, Automobile insurance, Insurance, Motor Vehicle Accidents on Fri March 24, 2017

In previous blog posts we discussed the different types of automobile insurance available in North Carolina.

The coverages below may be purchased in addition to your basic automobile coverage. You will be charged an additional premium for electing these options.

Automobile Death Indemnity, Specific Disability and Total Disability Benefits Coverage

This endorsement will provide a benefit for death, dismemberment, specific disability and total disability resulting from an automobile accident.

Miscellaneous Type Vehicle Endorsement


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