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According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), most truck accidents are caused by excessive speeding, drifting across lanes and running off the road. Driver fatigue is another common factor that leads to truck accidents.

At the law office of DeVore, Acton Stafford, P.A., in Charlotte, our lawyers work with experts in accident reconstruction in determining the cause of a truck accident. We analyze data from a semi truck’s onboard black box recorder, measure skid marks, interview witnesses and review the driver’s logbook. We also review the maintenance manifest of a vehicle and the driver’s drug test results and driving record, as well as the conditions of the road where the accident happened.

We understand the trucking industry and won’t be misled or deterred by tactics used by drivers and their employers to deflect blame. To schedule an appointment and discuss your case, contact truck accident attorneys at the law office of DeVore, Acton Stafford, P.A. today.

Causes Of Truck Accidents

The law office of DeVore, Acton Stafford, P.A. represents clients injured in truck accidents due to:

  • Lane drift
  • Excessive speed
  • Lack of a rear guard to prevent underriding
  • Wide turn
  • Driver fatigue
  • Drunk driving
  • Load shift
  • Tire blowout
  • Trucks improperly pulled off the shoulder
  • Improper reflective markings on truck
  • Inadequate truck maintenance

The Economic Impact Of A Truck Accident

Truck accidents usually involve serious head trauma, spinal cord injuries, amputations and burns. Many of these kinds of injuries result in long-term disability and a need for continued, ongoing medical treatment and care. To provide accurate, thorough cost projections of our client’s past and future needs, our lawyers consult economists, health care planners and medical specialists. We also demand compensation for our clients’ pain and suffering, creating day-in-the-life videos that portray the daily challenges and struggles facing our clients as the result of truck drivers’ negligence.

Prepared To Negotiate And Litigate Your Truck Accident Case

While our attorneys are prepared to negotiate a settlement according to the wishes of our client, we prepare each case for litigation. We understand how insurance companies work, the shortcomings of the “Colossus” claims software they use to estimate damages, and how to expose state and federal violations on the part of truck companies that play a role in truck accidents.

Negligent truck drivers endanger everyone — we won’t let them simply walk away from an accident or their responsibility. To request a free consultation, contact the truck driving accident lawyers at DeVore, Acton Stafford, P.A. today.


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