What don’t you know about quiet title actions?

Whether you are purchasing your first property or your fifth, you will likely find yourself facing some form of dispute. The dilemma could center on environmental issues, boundary disagreements or contract disputes. One type of legal action that might confuse individuals is “quiet title.”

Real estate laws can be complex and many individuals don’t realize that even a small paperwork snafu can throw the entire transaction into disarray. It is not uncommon for title searches to uncover issues that must be resolved before the transaction can proceed. If your attorney says you need to proceed with a suit to quiet title, though, should you be worried?

What Is A Quiet Title?

We recently received an inquiry asking what a “Quiet Title” action was. A Quiet Title action is an action that is filed in which the judge is asked to correct any errors in a deed or decide any boundary disputes. It is often non-adversarial and can usually be accelerated on the court calendar.

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