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Attorney Fred W. Devore III Recognized on the 2024 Power List of Personal Injury Attorneys

Attorney Fred W. Devore III Recognized on the 2024 Power List of Personal Injury Attorneys by North Carolina Lawyers Weekly For the second year in a row, Fred W. DeVore, III, has…

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Average Personal Injury Settlement in North Carolina [2024 Updated]

You never anticipate you or a loved one becoming injured in an accident. Then, your medical expenses begin piling up, your bills are past due because of loss of wages, and the…

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Construction site theft prevention

Delays in North Carolina construction projects can frustrate contractors, developers, property owners and other project stakeholders. Reasons for delays are nearly infinite, but the most common causes include bad weather, budget shortfalls,…

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Architectural design flaws past and present

When construction of the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta commenced more than eight centuries ago, the structure was intended to be a white marble monument to God. However,…

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How Does Med-Pay Work?

Auto insurance policies require specific coverage categories like underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage. Med-pay is a category of optional coverage in a policy that can provide a limited amount of compensation for…

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How contributory negligence affects North Carolina car crashes

In a city the size of Charlotte, there are motor vehicle crashes virtually every day. Far too often, the wrecks result in serious injuries to drivers, passengers or pedestrians and sometimes even…

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Step 2: Filing a North Carolina personal injury lawsuit

If you stop by our Charlotte Civil Litigation Law blog from time to time, you might recall a September post on the steps you must take to file a North Carolina personal…

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Go slow: Charlotte-area road construction ahead

While it might sometimes seem as if the world is disorganized and chaotic, there is an orderly type of comfort to be found in the design details and precise plans of road…

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Part 2: Does your brand-new Charlotte home come with warranties?

Regular readers of our Charlotte Civil Litigation Blog will recall a recent post in this space about warranties that can protect people who purchase a brand-new, recently constructed home. North Carolina law…

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Does your brand-new Charlotte home come with warranties?

Consumers have a different set of expectations when purchasing a new car than they do when they buy a used vehicle. When you buy a used car, you understand that it will…

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A to Z: links to Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC and U.S. laws

One of the goals for our Charlotte Civil Litigation Law blog is provide convenient access to usable information about the often-complicated and overlapping legal systems that describe and protect our rights, lives…

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Don’t make these common mistakes after a car accident

No one gets into their car in the morning and expects to get in an accident. If they did, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t be driving. However, most people experience at…

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Part II: What’s a mechanic’s lien?

As regular readers of our Charlotte civil litigation blog know, we recently tackled the subject of mechanic’s liens. The post described the types of construction professionals who can obtain a mechanic’s lien…

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Part I: What’s a mechanic’s lien?

Although the term mechanic’s lien sounds as if it refers to a slender person who repairs cars, it has nothing to do with carburetors and everything to do with a legal claim…

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I’ve been in a car accident. Do I need a lawyer?

Imagine for a moment that you are driving along East Kingston Avenue in Charlotte’s Dilworth neighborhood, enjoying the sights and sounds of a peaceful afternoon. Your reverie is shattered when your vehicle…

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Step 1: Filing a North Carolina personal injury lawsuit

No one begins their day hoping to be seriously injured. No one wants to be hurt in a car crash, in a fall at a hardware store, in an act of violence…

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Can you recover attorneys’ fees in a North Carolina lawsuit?

In Charlotte, friendly disputes over basketball, barbeque, politics – and every other possible topic – come and go easily, resolved with smiles. But serious disputes arise here, too, as they do everywhere.…

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What steps should bicyclists take after an accident involving a car?

This year, avid cyclists have been joined by many new bicycle riders on North Carolina’s roadways. The New York Times reported that sales of leisure bike sales increased by 121% this spring.…

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Elements of a lawsuit: Discovery

Some disputes cannot be resolved simply or easily. If you have decided to file a lawsuit to resolve a dispute, a complex legal process with many moving parts begins to unfold. In…

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What is insurance bad faith?

When you signed on the dotted line for your insurance policy, you expected it to protect you. However, when insurance companies do not do their duty to policyholders, these bad faith actions…

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