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When Radiologists Make Mistakes

When radiologists make mistakes, our Charlotte radiology error lawyers may take legal action to hold them accountable. At the medical malpractice law firm of DeVore, Acton & Stafford, P.A., our legal team uses years of experience to take effective legal action that our clients depend on.

As a general rule, the citizens of North Carolina receive excellent medical care. However, there are times when the services you depend on deviate from the standard of care one would expect from medical professionals in our area. When this happens because of negligence and your health is damaged, the medical provider should be held accountable for the harm you have suffered.

This is especially true when radiologists make mistakes that lead to life-changing injuries. Radiologists may miss things that they should easily catch, or their inaccurate readings may lead to a misdiagnosis or wrong diagnosis. They may fail to read CT scans or MRI results correctly — or fail to perform these tests at all.

Life-Changing Radiology Errors

Our Charlotte personal injury law firm has in-depth experience in cases of this type, like the case of a car accident victim who visited the emergency room complaining of neck pain. He was not given an MRI and, as a result, an otherwise visible spinal fracture was not detected. This emergency room error left him permanently paralyzed, and he later died of complications from his injury.

We have also handled cases related to cancer misdiagnosis. — for example, the failure of a board-certified radiologist to detect lung cancer that was clearly visible on an X-ray. This failure delayed treatment that may have otherwise saved the patient’s life.

Contact Us After X-Ray And MRI Errors

So many injuries and tragedies are easily preventable if care is taken to ensure that testing is done properly. If you have been denied an X-ray or MRI scan or your scan was improperly read and you have had to live with the consequences, call 704-377-5242 or email us.


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