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Experienced Litigation For Your Real Estate Needs

The role of the real estate developer is rarely visible to people until something goes wrong or something occurs that a homeowner or association does not like. Whether deservedly or not, issues involving land development often end up in court.

If you have a legal dispute involving land development, the Charlotte real estate development litigation lawyers at the law firm of DeVore, Acton & Stafford, P.A., can assist you. We have decades of experience representing the interests of land developers and the construction industry, as well as homeowners and associations in residential and commercial construction disputes. We have handled hundreds of construction-related cases and numerous land development cases from both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s side of the aisle.

Handling Expectations

Real estate development disputes arise from both contractual obligations and from buyer expectations that were not met. The attorneys at our real estate law firm handle all types of contractual problems. Examples of typical contractual problems include:

  • A builder enters into an agreement to buy a lot, but does not follow through on the purchase (breach of contract).
  • A developer is required to prepare a lot with a certain degree of soil compaction, but that condition is not met.
  • A builder fails to complete the development of amenities promised in a subdivision, such as walking trails or a swimming pool.
  • The development of land has been delayed due to a course of unexpected events; the developer feels the delay is justifiable under the contract, but the builder or homeowner disagrees.
  • Problems develop with curbs, sewers or roads in the real estate development.

Developers must respond to current market conditions, which can frustrate homeowners when the nature of a development changes over time. Homeowners or a homeowners association may feel they have been misled when a development shifts from:

  • Detached, single-family homes to multifamily homes or townhomes
  • An older adult community to a mixed-age community or a development for families with children to a community that includes a senior component
  • Requiring homes of a certain size to allowing homes of a smaller size (and lower cost)

We handle land development cases in court for these and other development and zoning disputes. When necessary, we have a network of technical experts at our disposal to investigate claims, such as those involving soil compaction or drainage issues.

Experience On Your Side

We have seen many real estate development cases come through our firm. Our experience allows us to strategize, keep you in the know and develop a successful approach to your case. Get in touch with our firm if you would like to learn more by calling 704-377-5242.


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