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Personal Injury

  • Product Liability Settlement $4,100,000
  • Plaintiff Left Quadriplegic By Falling Tree Branch Recovers $10 Million

    In 2003, plaintiff was a 31-year-old with a wife and young child. He was a senior in college and worked full time to help support his family. On his way to work, plaintiff was driving down a street when a storm with high winds hit. A large branch which overhung the street broke off of a tree and landed on plaintiff’s car. The trunk of the tree was located on private property. Plaintiff was rendered a C-5 quadriplegic as a result of the incident.

  • Dogs Attacked Child – Mother – Lacerations – Fractures – Nerve Damage – $400,000 Confidential Settlement

    Child and mother were mauled by two Rottweilers. Child: lacerated and separated left ear, skull fractures, severed facial nerve causing facial paralysis to the left side of the face, psychological injuries.

  • Dog Bite in South Carolina yields $138,000 (2013)

    48 year old female is injured while is visiting friends in a golf community in South Carolina; A neighbor’s very large dog leaves its unfenced yard and runs up behind the female jumping on her back knocking her down and causing her knee to impact into the sidewalk. She ultimately has to undergo a knee surgery.

  • Store patron who fractured hip in fall settles personal injury claim.
  • Man paralyzed from accidental gunshot wound wins jury verdict.
  • Nursing Home Resident Employee Opened Door, Knocking Plaintiff Down — Fractured Hip — $75,000 Confidential Settlement

    This claim arose from a hip fracture in an 81-year-old female nursing home resident. According to the plaintiff’s counsel, an employee of the defendant nursing home entered the resident’s room, striking her with the door and causing her to fall and fracture her hip. Fractured hip requiring surgical repair.

Vehicle Accidents

  • Failure to install traffic signal which led to death of mother, baby and teenager resulted in 6 million dollar verdict (tried with Amanda Mingo)
  • Child recovers $750,000 from City of Hickory for Brain Injury caused by Obstructions at Intersection.

    A stop sign and intersection was hidden by overgrown foliage which prevented a motorist from seeing the minor plaintiff on his bicycle. The child suffered a serious brain injury as a result of the accident. The case had previously been rejected by two other law firms.

  • Off duty Police Officer collects $225,000 after bicycle accident

    After much of the skin from a leg was removed (degloved) and being struck on his bicycle by a young driver, the police officer received $225,000 in settlement of his injuries.

  • Rear-End Collision — Neck And Back Injuries — History Of Disk Disease — Binding Arbitration — $224,000 Award

    This claim arose from a rear-end collision while the plaintiffs’ vehicle was stopped. The plaintiffs were a 64-year-old female driver and her 63-year-old husband. Both plaintiffs had a history of degenerative disk disease. Both suffered neck and back injuries, requiring cervical discectomies.

  • $150,000 – Auto Accident – Rear End Collision

    A 66 year old male was rear ended and struck his head on the back windshield of his pick up truck causing bilateral subdural hematomas for which he underwent brain surgery. He was left with memory loss.


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