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  • Law firm Collects Over $5 Million Dollars For Homeowners With Stucco Houses

    By handling scores of synthetic stucco cases, the law firm of DeVore, Acton & Stafford, P.A., has recovered well in excess of $5,000,000 for homeowners in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties whose homes were clad in EIFS or other stucco finishes.

  • Defective Residential Condo Complex Construction Moisture Rotten Wood, Structural Failure $1.87 Million Confidential Settlement

    Brief Statement of Claim: The plaintiff, a condominium complex, filed suit for defective construction, including moisture intrusion. Rotten wood led to structural failure of building.

  • Landlord Maintenance Settlement Over $200,000

    A tenant in a warehouse lost sports apparel inventory due to damage sustained resulting from a sprinkler system fracture. The fracture caused thousands of gallons of water to flood the unit. The plaintiff alleged that the landlord failed to properly maintain the roof and support systems which sagged over time and came to rest on the sprinkler pipe.

  • Confidential Sink Hole Settlement

    During closing arguments of week-long trial involving sinkhole in Hickory, North Carolina that nearly swallowed restaurant, the parties reached a confidential settlement with the City of Hickory.

  • Church Not Liable To Contractor

    After a builder completed Phase I of a church building project, a dispute arose between the parties as to whether the builder could demand profit from the construction of Phase II which was performed by another contractor. At the conclusion of the contractor’s evidence, the court dismissed the claim and awarded costs of litigation to the defendant church.

  • Condominium Lawsuit Settled

    In a confidential settlement, a condominium homeowners association entered into a settlement of money and services from a contractor and architect for water leaks into their homes. The settlement was valued at several million dollars and included judgments against two defendants for 2.5 million dollars. The alleged defects including improperly installed bricks, flashing and improper waterproofing.

  • Court Strikes Residential Restrictions

    Upon remand from the Court of Appeals, a Mecklenburg County Judge ruled that subdivision restrictions that were more than 30 years old, could not be enforced against developer of the Marketable Title Act.

  • Sinkhole Case Successfully Settled

    After a week of trial, the owners of a restaurant that nearly collapsed into a 50-foot deep sinkhole, confidentially settled with all defendants. The case involved the failure of a storm drain located nearly four stories beneath ground that blew apart during a heavy rainstorm creating the sinkhole. The sinkhole was featured on the national news by CNN which described that the sinkhole had swallowed a brand new Corvette parked in the parking lot. The settlement was feature in the Hickory Record.

  • Builder Agrees To Major Reconstruction Of Condominium Complex

    A national builder agreed to reconstruct a large 200-plus condominium project after the discovery of water intrusion behind walls. As part of a confidential settlement, the builder, architect and several of the subcontractors agreed to pay for or perform the repairs on the multiple buildings and to pay the attorney fees of the plaintiff.

  • Homeowners Vindicated In Successful Defense

    When clients invited out of town guests to the grand opening of their new, multimillion-dollar home, one of the guests fell through an unsecured railing from the second-floor balcony and suffered serious injuries. Injured party sued builder of home and our clients, the homeowners. Week-long trial resulted in substantial settlement from builder but no liability to clients/homeowners.

  • Peepholes Lead To Recovery

    After peepholes were discovered in over 200 rooms of large hotel, a settlement of an undisclosed and confidential sum was obtained on behalf of eight guests in the hotel.

  • Condominium homeowners association wins verdict against contractor and subcontractors for faulty workmanship.


  • Owner Wins $700,000 Condemnation Verdict From City

    An owner who lost his warehouse due to airport expansion, obtained a verdict in excess of $700,000, nearly double the amount of the previous offer.

  • Property Owner Wins $530,635.55 For Condemnation Of A Lake

    After the City of Charlotte placed a value of less than $30,000 on a lake being condemned for airport expansion, a jury returned a verdict of $530,635.55. The case was appealed and affirmed by the Court of Appeals in City of Charlotte v. Whippoorwill Lake, 150 N.C. App. 579.

  • Condemnation Settlement

    When commercial building lost a small portion of land but the view of the building was blocked from main highway by permanent construction of light rail system, client recovered $326,00 during litigation when only $18,550 had been offered prior to lawsuit.

  • A developer whose land was being condemned for road widening, settles dispute with NCDOT for more than twice the original offer.


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