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Paralyzed Patient Recovers $500,000 For Delayed Treatment Of Neck Fractures

Medical Malpractice – ER Delayed Treating Neck Fractures, Pain – Paralysis – $500,000 Mediated Settlement

Type of Action: Medical malpractice

Injuries Alleged: n/a

Name of Case: Confidential

Court/County: Cleveland

Case No.: Confidential

Tried Before: Mediation

Name of mediator: Charlie Tompkins

Special Damages: n/a

Verdict/Settlement: Settlement

Amount: $500,000

Settlement Date: December 2003

Demand: n/a

Offer: n/a

Experts: n/a

Insurer: n/a

Plaintiff’s Attorney: Troy J. Stafford

Person Submitting: Della Stafford

Description: Plaintiff fell off of his tractor and was taken to the emergency room via ambulance. X-rays of his neck taken in the ER were interpreted as negative. He was admitted for observation. The next day, he was still complaining of pain so a CT scan was obtained. It showed that he had several neck fractures. He was placed in a hard collar but was not seen by a neurosurgeon. The attending physician later removed the hard collar because the plaintiff said it was uncomfortable. Plaintiff was later gotten up out bed and even taken to physical therapy. He remained hospitalized and continued to complain of severe neck pain. On the fourth day of admission, he lost movement and sensation in his extremities. He was transferred to Charlotte via helicopter and surgery was finally performed on his neck. However, it was too late and the neurosurgeon could not preserve any function. He remained paralyzed.

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