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Delayed Diagnosis Of Stroke Symptoms Results In $200,000 For Paralyzed Patient

Medical Malpractice – Carotid Blockage – Delayed Diagnosis Of Stroke Symptoms – Paralysis – Poorer Outcome – $200,000 Mediated Settlement

Type of Action: Medical malpractice

Injuries Alleged: Stroke

Name of Case: Confidential

Court/County: Mecklenburg

Case No.: Confidential

Tried Before: Mediation

Name of mediator: Charlie Tompkins

Special Damages: n/a

Verdict/Settlement: Settlement

Amount: $200,000

Settlement Date: August 2003

Demand: n/a

Offer: n/a

Experts: n/a

Insurer: n/a

Plaintiff’s Attorney: Troy Stafford

Person Submitting: Della T. Stafford

Description: Plaintiff was admitted to hospital for gastrointestinal pain. During the initial examination he was noted to have a carotid bruit. An ultrasound of his carotids showed a 90 percent blockage on one side. He also had many other risk factors for stroke. While in the hospital he reported to the nurse on duty that he had dropped his cup and was having weakness in his extremity. This occurred around 10:30 a.m. The nurse then relayed this information by phone to his attending physician. Three hours and 20 minutes later, the attending physician finally returned the nurse’s call. He ordered a non-stat CT of the brain and neurology consultation. At 7 p.m., some eight hours later, these had still not been performed. The nurse on duty for that shift found the plaintiff with a facial droop and paralysis on one side of his body. The neurologist was called to see him at that time, but it was too late to give TPA, a clot-busting drug that could have improved his ultimate outcome had it been given within three hours of the onset of symptoms.

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