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Local Road Improvement Demand

A recent fatality involving a 14-year-old Union County student killed when his brother’s car crossed the center line brought an outcry and Facebook campaign for road improvements from the boy’s classmates. Department of Transportation engineers recently met with the students from Cuthbertson High School to review data about motor vehicle accident rates on New Town Road between Marvin and Monroe, where the fatal car wreck occurred in May.

The students pointed out several factors that make this road a known hazard among locals due to its many curves, narrow shoulders, lack of rumble strips at intersections and excessive speed limit. One student commented that her parents tell her to stay off New Town Road because there is so little room for error.

Hazardous road designs are just one of the many perils that young drivers face on North Carolina streets and highways. The DOT is reviewing records of almost 450 auto and truck accidents on New Town Road, which averages at least one serious or fatal car accident per year.

Wider roads, safer curves and better intersection controls can make roadways throughout the Charlotte region safer for everyone. Better enforcement of traffic laws can be an equally important strategy to reduce hazard-prone streets, roads and highways. The students’ advocacy and activism about community safety is a refreshing contrast to steady media reports about teen distracted driving and drunk driving accidents.

NC Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Help Injury Victims Unravel Complex Events

Inadequate or faulty road designs are one cause of car, truck, bus and motorcycle accidents that society can take steps to remedy. Other drivers’ negligence, recklessness or intoxication are ever-present hazards that can cause tremendous harm and heartache in an instant, despite our best efforts at education.

Personal injury victims and wrongful death survivors almost always suffer serious financial losses after major car accidents. The combined effect of a wave of medical expenses and a loss of income can require considerable resources. A North Carolina car crash attorney can explain sound legal strategies for holding negligent drivers and other parties accountable for the harm they cause.


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