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Tragic Truck Accident Damages

Mecklenburg County was the site of more large truck fatalities than any other county in North Carolina in 2013.

In 2013, more fatalities from large truck accidents happened in Mecklenburg County than any other area in North Carolina. This is according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Statewide, 138 people died from crashes involving large commercial trucks. Of those deaths, 10 took place in Mecklenburg County where a total of 67 accident fatalities happened. In 2012, the county lost 74 lives in automobile accidents and 13 of those accidents involved large trucks. In 2012, there were 68 total vehicular fatalities and 11 were from large truck crashes.

What Causes These Accidents?

The nature of crashes with tractor-trailers or other commercial vehicles can vary dramatically. However, drug and alcohol use, driver fatigue and speeding are commonly known to be some risk factors.

How Big Of A Problem Is Speeding?

Business Insurance cited that up to 18 percent of all truck crashes were impacted by speeding. It is for this reason that a proposal is being investigated about whether or not to install speed limiters in commercial vehicles. These would monitor vehicle speeds in an effort to keep speeds down.

The friends and relatives of a comedian killed in a truck accident may well be pleased if this proposal is accepted. USA Today recently announced that the National Transportation Safety Board confirmed that speed was a factor in the accident that claimed his life.

How Big Of A Problem Is Fatigue?

Fatigue was also cited as a cause in the crash that killed the comedian. After an 800 mile journey, the trucker opted not to take a break but to continue driving. This decision was made despite the fact that he had ample time left in order to meet his delivery deadline.

According to Supply Chain Digest, Congress put a stay on a ruling by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regarding when drivers were required to take breaks. The FMCSA was ordered to conduct additional research about the impact of the hours of service rule. notes that with the research now complete, a report may reach the Department of Transportation by the end of 2015. Until that time, the stay continues.

How Big Of A Problem Is Substance Use?

Bulk Transporter indicates that the number of test fails in the FMCSA’s random drug and alcohol testing of drivers to be on the rise. For this reason, the agency is keeping the tests going.

It is also working to get a new pre-hire screening system in place according to the Commercial Carrier Journal. The process will involve mandatory drug and alcohol testing and a thorough review of all records.

What Responsibility Do Individuals Have?

While the FMCSA continues to find ways to improve safety among drivers, North Carolina residents are at risk. Anyone who is involved in a truck accident should be prepared to contact a lawyer for help immediately.


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