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Hand & Wrist Injuries/Carpal Tunnel

Impaired Ability to Work?

Most people who come to the law firm of DeVore, Acton & Stafford, P.A., are honest, everyday hardworking people with families to support. They are suffering from legitimate, debilitating injuries that keep them from earning honest incomes in their chosen professions.

Being out of work can be financially devastating. When an injury to your hand or wrist is caused by negligence or an accident at the workplace, you are entitled to compensation for the life-changing event. As Charlotte carpal tunnel lawyers, our job is to help you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you and your family need to avoid financial disaster.

Jobs requiring heavy lifting are not the only occupations where hand and wrist injuries occur. Administrative assistants and data entry professionals run the risk of career-ending wrist and carpal tunnel injuries as well. For help with your claim, contact our North Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys online or call 704-594-4227.

Securing the Benefits You Need

Clients who see our Charlotte workers’ comp lawyers suffer hand, wrist and carpal tunnel injuries in various work-related incidents that can involve heavy physical work or light physical work, including:

Inflamed and swollen wrist ligaments result in pinched nerves, putting professionals out of work temporarily or permanently. Frequently, women are more likely to suffer debilitating repetitive motion injuries due to the heavy strain that some delicate wrist bone structures or wrist muscles cannot accommodate. In these situations, a repetitive stress injury may be considered an occupational disease under workers’ compensation laws.

The attorneys at DeVore, Acton & Stafford, P.A., assist both men and women who have suffered wrist and hand injuries with obtaining rightful workers’ comp benefits. We work hard to advocate for your rights and alleviate the fear and uncertainty that comes with the inability to work and earn a regular income.

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Trying to work with a hand or wrist injury can be strenuous on more than just your body. Call 704-594-4227 or send us a note to discuss your circumstances with an attorney, learn more about workers’ compensation and discover more about third-party claims.