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Family Recovers Bulk of 1.2 Million Dollar Estate – Despite Deathbed Will Leaving Leaving Property to Neighbor

The family of a Gaston County woman who left a $1.2 million estate has settled with a former neighbor that she named as her sole heir. The 77-year-old woman died Jan. 17, 1993. She left personal property valued at $646,967 and real estate worth another $573,000, to C.C. “Buck” Elmore. In a settlement approved Feb. 18, Elmore gets to keep one-third of the estate. The remainder goes to 21 collateral kin – the decedent’s brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. Many of them had never met or even heard of their relative before her death.

Firefighter Terminated – Based On Polygraph Test – Lost Wages, Benefits – Settled

The plaintiff, a fireman, was fired based solely on the results of a polygraph examination. The federal judge of the Western District of North Carolina ruled that such actions violated the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. Frank Rickey Anthony v. City of Gastonia Fire Dept. et al (U.S. Western District; 3:93CV299MU).

Forged NASCAR Signature on Hat Results in Recovery

In a confidential settlement, a client received his money back and damages for having paid for NASCAR driver’s signature to be placed on souvenir hats to be mass produced and sold across the country. After the money was paid and hats reproduced, it was learned that the driver had someone else sign his name, rendering the hats bearing the driver’s purported signature – worthless.

Richard Petty Portrait Returned

After client discovered the president of client’s newly formed racing memorabilia company had been convicted of bank fraud, the client demanded the resignation of the president and the return of the company’s primary asset, a portrait of Richard Petty being used to create posters celebrating Petty’s career in racing. After litigation initiated, the portrait was returned to rightful owner.

Theft of Satellite Signal of Syndicated Radio Show, “John Boy and Billy” Prevented

After a local radio station discovered that a radio station in the Midwest was pirating the satellite feed of its syndicated morning radio show, a lawsuit in United States Federal Court was instituted to prevent the theft.