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Condemnation (Eminent Domain) Part III

Posted in Condemnation Cases, Eminent Domain, Real Estate on Fri April 14, 2017

In the first two articles, which you can read here and here, we explained the concept of condemnation and methods of determining the value of your property. We now need to look at the cost of a condemnation proceeding.

Out of Pocket Eminent Domain Costs

As a general rule, the cost of obtaining an appraisal is not recoverable. So you have to weigh the cost of employing an appraiser versus the amount you might be seeking.

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Condemnation (Eminent Domain) Part II

Posted in Condemnation Cases, Real Estate on Fri April 7, 2017

Last time, we began to discuss the condemnation process. As we explained previously, if you and the condemnor (the entity taking your property) cannot agree on the reasonable value of the property, the condemnor will proceed with the filing of a condemnation action and will instantly become the owner of the property they are seeking. But, the condemnor has to deposit with the court the amount of their last offer, or the amount the condemnor reasonably believes is just compensation for the taking.

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Condemnation (Eminent Domain): What You Need To Know

Posted in Condemnation Cases, Real Estate on Fri March 31, 2017

Condemnation (sometimes called eminent domain) is the right of the government (or sometimes a private utility company) to take a person’s property for the better good of the public. The property owner rarely welcomes the taking of one’s property. Examples of condemnation actions would be the need for the Department of Transportation to build roads, or a county to build a school, storm water or sewer system. In Charlotte, North Carolina, many properties are being taken for the light rail projects.

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