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Charlotte Child Injury Lawyer

Few cases involve more difficult circumstances than child injury cases. The experienced products liability attorneys of DeVore, Acton & Stafford, P.A., understand this. Our individually tailored approach to client matters lends itself particularly well, therefore, to the intensely personal nature of these cases.

Our Charlotte child injury attorneys have helped children, families and loved ones recover millions of dollars from those corporations who have so terribly harmed them. In doing so, our firm draws on more than 100 years of combined experience held by our lawyers when advising clients with respect to numerous unique and tragic injuries inflicted upon children as a result of defective products such as:

Child Accident Injury Lawyers

We combine our experienced legal judgment in these matters with the latest developments in state-of-the-art legal technology in order to most persuasively present your case for the court’s consideration. We put this technology to work on behalf of our clients with respect to a comprehensive variety of litigation matters, including the presentation of trial exhibits to juries and the gathering of evidence and information relevant to our clients’ claims.

Because our firm’s knowledgeable attorneys have well-developed legal judgment, they can effectively advise clients as to all of their legal options as well as with respect to when trial is, and is not, the best way to pursue justice against those whose defective products harmed children.

Helping You Support Your Child

Much like cases filed against the state, personal injury cases involving children benefit from a law firm with experience handling the unique legal aspects involved. At DeVore, Acton & Stafford, P.A., we know how important it is for parents to care for their child, which is why we invite you to reach out to us online or call 704-594-4227 to schedule a free initial consultation. All communications remain confidential.