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Highway Defects

We trust our local and state governments to keep roadways safe for drivers. When hazardous conditions are not repaired, the safety of drivers and passengers is put at risk. Defects such as uneven pavement, lack of signs and improperly designed roads cause many accidents across North Carolina every year.

At the Charlotte law firm of DeVore, Acton & Stafford, P.A., we have handled hundreds of highway defect cases. We understand the hard work and diligence it takes to win cases against state governments and the entities responsible for highway safety. We are willing to put in that hard work for our clients because they need compensation and deserve justice.

To arrange a consultation to discuss how we can help you after a serious accident, contact our Charlotte law office online.

Examples of Dangerous Highway Defects

Our experienced North Carolina highway defect accident lawyers are prepared to handle a variety of cases, including:

Whether you were injured on I-485, I-85, I-77, Highway 74, or any other roadway in the state of North Carolina, our attorneys are ready to listen to you, explain your options and give you an honest assessment of your case.

The North Carolina Industrial Commission

If your motor vehicle accident was caused by a defect in a state highway (as opposed to a municipal highway in Charlotte or another town), your case will be resolved by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. There is no jury involved. Rather, the case is presented to the Commission, which makes a decision. It is crucial that your attorney understand how the Commission operates and what is needed to succeed. At DeVore, Acton & Stafford, P.A., we have extensive experience handling cases before the Commission, and we are ready to go to work for you.

Recover Your Compensation

Don’t assume that an accident due to a highway defect is your fault. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that roads are safe and secure. To find out if your situation involved a defective roadway, schedule an initial consultation to discuss your circumstances by calling 704-594-4227.