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Danger in the Trees

Posted in Dangerous Trees, Insurance, Real Estate on Fri April 21, 2017

One of the most beautiful sights in our southern cities are the awe inspiring large trees that line many of our streets.  Yet, these majestic beauties mask a hidden danger.  As leaves begin to appear on large oaks and other deciduous trees, strong winds have more of an increased impact on the stability of the tree than in the winter when there are no leaves.  This is called the “sail effect” because the leaves catch more of the wind and create more stress on the trunk and root system. 

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Trees are beautiful but dangerous

Posted in Dangerous Trees on Mon February 1, 2010

In the past two years our firm has handled two death resulting from falling trees. In both instances there was a failure to inspect and remove the tree after telltale signs of rot and decay existed. Many times the dangerousness of the tree can only be detected by professional arborists. To avoid liability, and more importantly injury to others, be proactive in evaluating the large trees on your property. These trees can weigh more than 60 tons and easily can crush a car or almost anything else in its way.

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